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Last week, I just sign up with RHB Investment Bank to registered Central Depository System (CDS) account.

What is CDS?

From Bursamalaysia website, CDS acts as a means of representing ownership and movement of securities. CDS account holders enjoy the conveniences if obtaining electronic securities transfer and trade settlement.
In Malaysia , The CDS account may be opened by:

  • An individual who has reached the age of eighteen (18) years as of the application date.
  • A corporation within the context of Section 4 of the Companies Act 1965.
  • Any corporate body that is incorporated within Malaysia and is by notice, published in the Gazette, declared as a public authority or an instrument or agency of the Government of Malaysia or of any Malaysian State.
  • A society under any written law relating to co-operative societies.
  • A trustee or trust corporation duly constituted under any written law.
  • Any society registered under the Societies Act 1966.
  • Statutory bodies incorporated under an Act of Parliament.

In general, a CDS account can only be opened if the persons are opening it either as a beneficial owner or as an Authorised Nominee.

Why need to open a CDS account ?
We need to open a CDS account to buy and/or sell shares and to carry out other CDS transcactions on all equity and non equity counters which have been prescribed into the CDS.

How to open a CDS account ?
You can open a CDS account with any Authorised Depository Agents (ADAs). All stockbroking companies in Malaysia are currently ADAs.
If you are an individual investor, you may go to an ADA of your choice and:

  • Complete the Opening of Account form and two (2) Specimen Signature Cards.
  • For Malaysians, submit the documents together with two (2) certified true copies of your Malaysian National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). As for foreigners, you need to pay the Account Opening fee and submit two (2) certified true copies of your passport.

If you are a corporate investor, you are required to:

  • Complete the Opening of Account form and two (2) Specimen Signature Cards.
  • Submit the above documents with two (2) copies of all necessary supporting documents (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution, etc) together with the Account Opening fee.
    Your ADA will then open the CDS account and give you your CDS account number. Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd will send you an account opening confirmation notice by ordinary mail.

I’m open with RHB Investment Bank. I’ve sign agreement document, fee RM10.++, bank statement and IC copy . Hopefully I could success in trading. Honestly, I’m still new to trading online. Luckily, one of my friends has joined before and I follow his method. Not just follow, I’m also learn and reading about news related to the company that listed in the Bursa Malaysia.
For more info, visit their website at


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