Sign You are in financial trouble

Do you realize that you are in financial trouble> There are some sings to indicate that you are in financial trouble such as :-

Credit Cards
– You are paying only the minimum balance each month
– Increasing the outstanding balance every month
– Going over your credit limit
– Taking frequent cash advances
– Missing payments, paying late or paying some bills this month and others next month
– Having your credit card revoked by the bank

– Using the overdraft or automatic loan features on your current account frequently
– Receiving second or third payment notices from banks or creditors for non-payment of debts
– Being denied credit because of a negative credit bureau report
– Borrowing money form family or friends to pay your debts.


Saving Plan
– Using up your savings at an alarming rate
– Having little or no savings to handle unexpected expenses or emergencis

| Cause Why You Always Ran Into Financial Problem |

– Depending on part-time jobs, overtime, commissions or bonuses to pay for your living expenses
– Living from paycheck to paycheck

– Not talking to your spouse or family members about money problems or arguing when you talk about money to them
– Not knowing how much money you owe until the bills arrive

If you have experince this problem, get advice immediately. DOn’t wait until the problem get bigger.
You can contact your bank and work out an adjusted repayment plan to suit your cash flow. You also can get advice from professional counseling.
But beware as some of them will steal your money too.

Financial problems were well in life regardless of whether they are single or married. So
Do you have experienced losing financial control ?  I think most of us have experience

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