Simple Mistake That Could Cost Us Some Cents

Most of us make some simple mistake that could make us lose some penny. We never care about it as we though the amount is small but do you know that if we collect the amount day by day it could help us save more than we would though.

I will share some of my simple mistake that make me lose some penny :-

  • Not waiting washing machine to finish their operation. Most of us though that washing machine will automatically stop. We just push the start button and go to shopping mall. After finish shopping and going to lunch about 5 hours your washing machine stop but it not rinse. It is a bad idea not waiting the washing machine to finish the operation. We will need to start again and it could cost more on water. Or maybe we can use the rinse operation but we still waste water and electricity. Next time, I’ll need to ensure the washing machine operate below 2 hours, otherwise I need to check it whether it get problem or not.


  • Throwing away your coins. Mostly, after received coins from shop, vending machine we just throw away in our pocket or wallet. It is a waste as we never recalled the location of the coins. Put the coin into some piggy and throwing it at the coin deposit machine. For me, I’ve put my coins into coin deposit machine at least 2 times per month. The amount is small, around RM10 but it could save me some and also avoid my kids to swallow it.
  • Watching too much movie online. It is not good idea to watch movie online using mobile data. It will decrease my data and I need to purchase additional for blog purpose. It is also waste my data if the site is adult content. We need to avoid this  site as it could steal our money as some of the site is malicious site.
  • Drinking too much carbonated water. It is not a health water and it need to avoid for better health in our body. It could cost RM2.00 for a can/bottle. Instead of buying it, just bring plain water from your home. It is much safer and could save at least RM2.00 a day.
  • Not arrange money. Maybe some of you not understand about this. Do you arrange your money from the lower to highest ? For example, you put RM1 at the front and RM100 at last of your wallet. It is important to arrange it as you will know which one need to spend. Avoid put the highest amount in front as you always want to use it. Better to put the highest at the back or any secret place to save.
  • Late payment. It is not a good practice to pay late especially for credit card or loan payment. The interest rate could be based on day which means bank could steal our money much more. Always pay early and more than monthly schedule. It could help us consistently. If possible, do full settlement as early we can. In my case, my loan car will finish next year but I’ll try to finish this year. My housing loan still have 20 years onward but I’ll plan to refinance and finish it at least 10 years onward.

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  • Wasting time. It is the MOST wasting that we always do. I’m also waste much time before and now it is time to do something. If possible, I could bring much more in my life. For example, yourfinancialblog could become one of BEST PERSONAL FINANCE for common people. It is a blog that not too technical but could bring some impact to other common people like me. No need to become Financial Advisor or have DEGREE in finance to have best finance. Hopefully yourfinancialblog could feature in Top Personal Finance Blog in Wisebread. Just wait and see..


Okay, that’s all for today. Have a nice day and always think that ‘FINANCE IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. IT IS ABOUT OUR LIFE’. Thanks



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