Single parent families are underinsured

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There’s an analysis from Sainsbury’s Life Insurance that mostly single parent families less likely to be financially protected in the insurance (the research based on UK survey).
From the findings it show that less than a third of single parent families are covered with life insurance. The figures are less than those for married couples whom have life and critical illness cover.
Helen Williams, head of Sainsbury’s Life Insurance said: “Worryingly, our research suggests modern family units are much less likely to protect their dependants with life insurance or critical illness cover than the traditional notion of a stereotypical family.
“Whatever the make-up of your family, it’s important to ensure you and your dependants are financially protected. Having life insurance and critical illness cover gives you peace of mind that if you or your partner dies or cannot work due to illness, you could have one less thing to worry about at a difficult time.’

Source :- Telegraph

I think the analyst is almost same like my country. Mostly single parent not aware of insured especially for their child future life. It is important for single parent to insured for financially protected in future. All people including single parent need to know why they need to have life insurance or criticall illness because the cost of health bill is expensive now.
Even the cost to prepare for obituary also high.

Do you have life insurance? Do you think that life insurance sold by agent/insurance company
Do you own a life insurance attorney? I think most of us don't have any

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