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Today, I just receive an email after I write an entry about open a business account bank. The sender of email give me the link at The link is about a slideshow of his/her ebook on how to starting a new business. It is in slideshow format so I just bring it into the blog entry in point below :-

Slide 1 : Contents of ebook
Advice when starting your own business
// The title look good. We need to have many knowledge for start. Maybe it will help us as a beginner
OOO.. in next slide they give some short tips.
Do some market research
– Does your idea already exist
– Who are your competitors and how strong are they
– Do your potential customers even want what you are offering
– Is there anything else they would like to see (think about future development opportunities)?
Write your business plan include
– An overview
– Detail what the business is all about
– Your Marketing and Sales Strategy
– Who you are and your experience
– Details of operations
– Financial details
Pick a good name
– Make sure you stand out from your competitors
– But don’t be so obscure your customers don’t understand or rembet your name
– Don’t pick something geographical, you may expand
– Be broad with your name which allows you to diversify
– Test out a few different names on potential customers, they will give you honest feedback

Finance Options for businesses
// There’s many finance options for business but which one are the best? Maybe the ebook could help.
– Think you can only get funding when you are starting out? Wrong! There are a number of options available
– Go to your bank and get some invoice discounting advice.
– Re-evaluate your spending

Maintaning your brand
// It is also good knowledge. To maintain the brand is difficult than to reach the target. Am I right?
– Brand goal setting
– Brand reinforcement
– Employee and client interaction

Keeping employees motivated
// Great. As a boss we need to know how to handle employees
– Competition
– Incentives
– Team Building
– Skill development
– Communication

Keeping your business afloat
// Maybe I’m not really understand about the statement.
– Be social
– Constant reviewing
– Additional Sources

I just give a short point of the ebook. If you want to read detail just read the slide below


This ebook is really helpful. It teach and guide us how to starting a new business and success. The ebook also great in point and easy to understand. Hope I can follow the tips and become a good entrepreneur for the future.

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