Stop Wasting Money and Energy

In my previous entry, I’ve written about 6 Ways to Save Home Energy and in this entry I’ll write about another related title ‘ Stop Wasting Money and Energy’.

As we know, money and energy related to our life. Energy cost us more money as I’ve mention at last enty. So stop wasting money and energy by follow this tips :-

1. Buy a new fridge. Buying new fridge rather than still using older ones is actually better environmental. Other than fridge, you can consider air conditioner and dishwasher because their latest technology has improve to save money and energy.
2. Don’t upgrade your clothes dryer. You can save by hanging clothes up to dry instead.
3. Buy local product to save the extra transportation cost.
4. Install a programmable thermostat.
5. Hybrid? Wanna to buy it? Think again. Is the technology worthy in the country.
6. Use your e reader instead using traditional paperback.
7. Take public transportation to save money and avoid gas guzzling energy consumption.

That’s a way to stop wasting money and energy at the same time. Do you have any opinion or suggestion to save our money and energy? Let’s share with us..

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