Take leave to manage finance

Today I take leave day to manage finance. Along with my wife, I’ve plan the place to go as it is important for our future finance.
Firstly, we went to Great Eastern Melaka . At that place, my wife terminate her insurance policy as it is not cover enough.
It is a good action as the policy is cover minimum. Within RM44 months fee, there’s not enough to cover many policy. It is a policy insurance by CUEPACS and I’ve heard many bad thing about it. It is different from my policy that cover 36 illness.
She just wrote on the form and the officer help him. I’m also ask her about my Great Eastern Takaful policy. I’ve planned to withdraw some of the money to paid a yearly fee but it is still enough.
I’ve contribute in the policy form April 2012 which mean about 4 years. I don’t know before that the contribution money divide by 3 Fund and the total amount is RM2,435.00.
I can’t withdraw it as the minimum money must have in the fund is RM5,000.00 and the minimum withdraw is RM1,000. It means that the fund must at least RM6,000 before I could withdraw it.
Maybe another 4 years I could use it to pay the fee for a year. Hopefully the economy become good for next year as I think it also effect investment of the Great Eastern.

After that, I go to Celcom Service Centre at Jalan Melaka Raya 1 to confirm cancellation of wife Broadband. OOO.. It is easy as the officer could use the system online. It show that my wife account has been terminated. Yes, we’ve using online and phone to terminate it.
It is important as the monthly fee is around RM80.00. Using Digi, I’ve could save much money on internet.

After finish the transaction, I’m going to Bank Muamalat Semabok to check and discuss about my housing loan. A bit frustation as the staff can’t entertain me. The person in charge is not in the office and the staff couldn’t help me. I want to reschedule my payment to save years. Before this, the period is 30 years and I want to shorten it to 25 years.

This is not my first time as last month I’ve try to meet their officer. I’ve try their toll free and the operator told that officer will call me. But there’s no officer call me. I’m not recommend you to get Housing Loan from Bank Muamalat Semabok Melaka as they are not flexible.

I want to go Bank Simpanan Nasional but it is full of customer and I’ll rearrage later. I want to ask about my balance and get information about SSP. Hopefully, I could get the information tomorrow.
Okay that’s all. Now, I just wrote about my expenses and plan for tomorrow expenses. Thanks for reading.

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