Teen phone bill $6,000 using facebook during vacation

Doyou like uploading photos to Facebook while on vacation or just for fun? How about your bill phone after that? There’s a story about a 14 year old girl from England that get $6,000 phone bill by uploading photos to Facebook while on vacation in New York City. The girl, Casey Snook visit New York during five day trip with her mother, Kate Snook and snapped photos of Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building and Grand Central Station. She is eager to share her vacation with her friends as she uploaded the photos to Facebook.
But since Casey hadn’t blocked her ‘data roaming’ function, all that time spent on the Internet added up.

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The worst come when Casey’s father, Victor called Kate to tell her that the UK phone company Orange had made a massive withdrawal on his bank account. According to the Post, Kate and Victor have arranged a payment plan to settle the bill but claim that telco didn’t provide their daughter with a clear warning signal that she was incurring such charges or attempt to contact Victor.In a statement to Yahoo Shine, an Orange rep wrote :-

“We know our customers want to use their smartphones while on holiday without the worry of a big bill at the end. That’s why we offer a number of services, such as roaming bundles, which allow travelers to use data overseas and control the cost. All Orange customers have a number of protections in place — customers are even automatically opted-in to a roaming data cap, which limits their charges to £49 ($74) for a set amount of data. Customers receive warning texts to alert them of their data usage and we have an app that helps them monitor data usage, and opt in to a data bundle if needed. The customer received numerous text alerts, which updated them on the roaming costs for the USA, and also updated them on their data usage. Once they had reached the limit of their data bundle, the customer actively opted out of our roaming data cap so that they could continue to use data, effectively removing the inbuilt protection from large data roaming bills.”

According to Todd Dunphy, co-founder and president of SaveLoveGive, a company that analyzes customer’s cell phone bills and recommends personalized plans based on individual lifestyle, it’s all too common.
Dunphy told Yahoo Shine

“Roaming data is such an abstract concept, and it’s confusing to everyone, whether you’re a teenage or an adult,”
“Phone carriers are doing better at informing customers of the high costs of using their phones abroad but unfortunately people are still being hit with sky-high bills.”

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This roaming problem not just happen to Casey. I’ve heard some of cases in Malaysia which is has same problem like Casey. It also happened when customer using internet roaming. I think smartphone user must educate before using roaming service.
Do you have any tips using internet service while on vacation? Let’s share with us.

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