The Best Jobs For Retired School Administrators

The best jobs for retired school administrators are mainly related administrative positions. School administrators have a wealth of experience that can be utilized with many professions. Many principals have worked their way up the ladder from teacher to principal, and retain the skills required to tutor and teach students.

Some retired people want to spend their time traveling but also want to work part-time to supplement their income. Teaching English in foreign countries is one avenue available to those wanting to become traveling nomads. The pay isn’t exceptional but it will stop you from having to spend savings. As a freelance worker, you may be able to choose your own hours.

Some Of The Best Jobs For Retired School Administrators Are Report Writing Jobs

Report writing is a task that many school administrators would have had to have undertaken. These skills can be transferred to other occupations. One of which is to write reports teaching people how to perform various skills. There are several ways to sell these reports which includes listing them on Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, selling them on your own website, or launching your report with video training and getting affiliate marketers from Clickbank and JVZoo to sell them for you.

Report writing is a skill that is readily transferable to copy-writing, with which writing white papers is a skill often utilized by the corporate world. The information needed for writing these reports is on the web, which means you can work from anywhere in the world. Copy-writing is a sought after skill by many businesses and is very well paid. And with the digital economy, this can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Other Jobs For Retired School Administrators Include Managerial Jobs

There are many part-time jobs in the human resources sector that principals could be successful in. As head of the school, the principal would assess the eligibility of applicants for the school’s workforce. These are skills that are transferable to a variety of other industries.

Managerial roles are a good fit for school principals because as a principal they had the task of managing staff and contractors at the school. The teachers and staff performed their duties but the school needed someone to run the school day.

As an administrator, there are many government administrator jobs whether it be in education or government departments that school principals could work part-time.

The best jobs for retired school administrators are the jobs that they can easily transfer their administration skills to without having to re-skill.

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