The Man Who Sold His Life on eBay

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This is such a drastic decision from Ian Usher which is sell his life. He shed every part of his old life – car, home, job and friends that made headliness all over the world. In his new inning life, Ian Usher managed to rediscover love and joy over the next four years as he went on to buy a Carribean Island (wow.. he become richer after sell all the life). He is from Darlington, north east Britain and made 192,000 pounds after putting his three-bed house near Perth in Western Australia and all its contents on sale. The properties included his Mazda car, motorbike, jet-ski and parachuting gear. He then go travel to many countries and lived each day to the maximum. He has ticked off 93 of the 100 experiences he planned to complete within 100 weeks. He also bought an idyllic 2, 2-acre island off the coast of Panama that cost around 30,000 pounds where he is building himself a home.
– Source :- Herald

Wow.. Such a great life… I dunno if I can do like Ian.. Read his journey at website Alife4sale

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