The signs of financial problems

Do you have financial problems? The following are the main signs that indicate you are performing. Among them are: –

1. Credit Cards

– pay only the minimum balance each month
– Increase the outstanding balance each month
– Using the card at maximum level
– Take cash advances
– No payment or late payment, or pay only a bill this month. The rest of the months to come
– your card is canceled by the bank


2. Loans
– Frequent use of automatic overdraft or loan facilities from your current account.
– Receiving the second and third payment notice from the bank or creditor for failure to pay debts
– Denied credit.
– Make a loan from family or friends to pay debt

– Balance of little or no savings at all.
– Use the savings at an alarming rate.

– Depending on the jobs, working overtime, commissions or bonuses to finance the cost of living
– depends only on the monthly income.

If you experience symptoms such as stated, contacts with close financial management agency for advice and counseling. Do not wait until the problem worse and can not be saved.

Financial problems were well in life regardless of whether they are single or married. So
Do you realize that you are in financial trouble> There are some sings to indicate


  1. for me, the financial problem base on salary but not able to meet minimum/basic needed demand on expenditure today

  2. Well hello, before taking out any credit always have a solid plan and timetable for repaying this credit. If you cannot create this plan then your desire for the right here and now will ruin your ability to live a life of freedom in the future.

    And you will all too soon become a wage slave, living to pay off yesterdays desires.

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