The Third Way of Shopping

Hm.. Maybe you are wondering what is third way of shopping? And what one and two way of shopping. Let’s me explain

1.  One way of shopping is using cash only.
2.  Second way of shopping is using credit card.

I think you’re familiar with this 2 way of shopping but what is the 3rd? The 3rd way is the better way of shopping. You can plan to spend money for a guitar, trip to paris, gadget and also get amazing deals and pay the item in the future.

Let’s make an example of me to make you really understand .
I’ve plan to buy DLSR camera but my cash is not enough. I can buy using card credit or monthly credit at some electric shop but I will lose much money because of the interest. Some of them cost me almost 100% of the camera prize. It is totally insane if I buy and sign the ridiculous agreement to buy the camera.
I can save my money at my pillow but it took long and there’s a possibility that I will use the money. Eventhough my money is enough, maybe the camera has been upgraded and the version is not available. So I could lose my camera dream.

But using third way of shopping, the dream could be easier without using credit card or big cash money.Setting goal for your dream item and save monthly using more systematically way. You also could receive cash reward and not to worry about overspending or repayments schedule. Still confused? Let’s look at the graphic below :-


So do you interet about this way of shopping ? Look at the website Okay, maybe you still afraid to sign in because there’s many scam outside the world so look at the video below

The Third Way of Shopping from Mach by Hong Leong Bank on Vimeo.

So, how about that? The program provided by Hong Leong Bank which is one of the biggest and reputable bank operate in Malaysia.
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