The tug of war between paying guest and hostels

The most confusing question which pops up in the mind of any youth is which is better between hostel or paying guest? I have seen that many of my friends are confused to choose one. If you are having any doubts about hostels and paying guest then you should first be clear about your own requirement!

Both hostels and paying guests cater for those people who are looking for long term accommodation. For the working class people and the students Paying guest in Bangalore are better option. Many students have to move out of their hometown for higher studies. Hostels are the place where they can comfortably make new friends. If you are moving to any heart throbbing city and if you are confused whether to choose for hotels or Pg in Bangalore then, go through following tips.


Students’ affection for hostel life is infinite

 Most of the colleges and universities provide hostel facilities to their students. They provide comfortable stay, good food and proper water facility. If you are having any trouble especially physical issues then you can convey it to your roommates also. Hostel life is an enjoyable phase where you can stay with the best roomies! Many people from different backgrounds share the same roof. Hostel rents are also quite reasonable. One can learn a lot about sharing and socializing in hostel life.


Privacy is all you need!

 If you want a private space then paying guest is the best option for you. Private rooms and flats are available for you but it might cost you more rent. Many people go for paying guest as they can enjoy privacy. You will get facilities like cooked food, laundry, air condition, room heater as well as hot water facility also! There is no such restricted time when you have to enter or leave while you are staying in paying guest.

Paying guests are also provided with parking facilities. For the immigrant working class, paying guest is a better option. The concept of paying guest is becoming popular in the urban areas. After a hectic day in the office the tenants can relax comfortably in their own room.


What girls and women are looking for?

 Most of the women and girls prefer to stay in hostels for better security. They can reside with their roommates and know more about the city. Most of the hostels are located near the premise of their college and universities. It is a wrong notion that hostels are very strict places to live. You can have the best times of your life with hostel mates. There are not only disciplines but also an amicable ambiance for the growing youths. Parents also feel worry-free when their children stay in hostels. They can reach out to the hostel authorities in times of difficulties.

Moving to a new city is indeed an exciting thing but accommodation plays a key role. One should know about his/her requirements and monthly expenditure also. Location, cost, rent and other expenditures should be examined carefully. Both paying guest and hostels have their advantages and disadvantages. One should have a clear cut vision about them before they start residing in it! Good luck and go for the best suited residing option.

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