Thing’s Before You Buy Residental Property

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When you purchase a new home, there is a critical thing most people fail to do properly, due to lack of experience and system. Even if you think that the property you’re planning to purchase is your dream home, inspecting the property is a highly important reality check which helps to mark all the flaws you’re missing out.

Here are a few things you should check out before signing the papers for your new residential property:

Structural Elements

Thoroughly check out the structural elements of the building, including foundation, beams, columns, partition walls, ceilings, fences, roofing, etc. You can do this inspection on your own and also with the assistance of a professional to ensure the absolute structural integrity of the building.

Check The Drains

Although checking the drains might sound a bit silly, but it’s crucial. There’s supposed to be a backup between the house and sewer line. One simple way to check if the drains are working is to fill up all the tubs and sinks and let them all drain out at the same time.

Check The Windows

Replacing windows is neither fun nor cheap. Open all the windows and see if they can be opened and closed correctly.

Turn On The Faucets

By turning on all the faucets, you’ll be able to check the water pressure. If the seller has pressure pump installed, please ask if it is included in the sales. I’ve seen a case where the seller removed the pump because it is not “seen” during buyer’s viewing.

Taste The Water

Your city might have great quality water, but the pipes might be old enough to get rusted, and there is a chance that the water in your glass will not be crystal clear. Be informed if you’ll need to install a filter for the entire house.

Flush The Toilets

Check if all the toilets flush properly and can deal with toilet papers. If you’re not satisfied, you can always negotiate for a further discount.

Check The Electrical Panel

A neat and labelled panel is a treat for the eyes. If the electrical panel looks like some tangled squirrels, it probably means troubles. If there are loose wires which are not connected to any lines, it might mean that live wires are present inside the walls.

Check The Water Heaters & Air Conditioners

When you know that water heaters and the air conditioners are in perfect condition, that’s a big bonus because they are the most frequently used appliances. Make sure to inspect how these appliances work at variable temperatures.

Pull Back The Carpet

Some homeowners conceal the “ugly truth” by covering it with a carpet.

You might feel that checking a property up to such details will be too troublesome, too tedious and taking too much time. Now, compare it to buying a smartphone. Will you check thoroughly to make sure everything is functioning before you finalise the payment?

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