Things Never Buy New

Money is valuable and need to use it wisely. Sometimes we didn’t know there are many things we buy new things that always unused or not worthy. Let’s find 10 things that we should not buy new :-
1. CD / DVD Movies
– Why buy new if you can download via net? There’s many legal website provide you with the movie file. You can download to your computer and watch it over and over.
– If there’s no download, you can buy a used DVDs and CDs. If the CDs or DVDs have scratched, you can remove it and play the DVD or CD.

2. Books:
– There’s many used books in the bookstore or internet. The used book is cheaper than new. You also can read to your nearest library for free reading.

3. Musical Instruments:
– If you just playing instrument for hobby, why buy an expensive new instrument? You can rent the instrument or playing at jamming studio for specific hour.

4. Houses:
– The new house is better to buy but if your budget is small than purchase old home is better. The cost is more cheaper than buy new house. You don’t need to do big renovation to the old home.


5. Hand Tools:
– A basic tool like screwdriver, hammers and wrenches are long lasting. If you don’t used it very often, better for rent or borrow from your friends.

6. Gardening Supplies:
– Observe in your garden and you will find the gardening supplies such as wood, mulch and stone. You can used the bottle to change the vast in the garden. Using your creativity, the garden will look beautiful using recycle equipment.

7. Maternity and Baby Clothes:
– Baby don’t need to get a new clothes. You can used the clothes for next babies.

8. Cars:
– As we know, cars is a liability. Instead of buying new, try used car. It can save money on initial cost and insurance.

9. Recreational Items
– Most of recreational items being used oftentimes. Find the used and safe.

10. Office Furniture:
– Why need to get new office furniture if you can get a quality used desk or file cabinet. You can find the furniture from businesses that being shut down,there’s a lots of great office furniture deals.
That’s some of things, you don’t need to buy one. Using a second hand as you can save more dollar to buy the other’s important things.

One of the biggest challenges in our days is cover our basic needs, pay bills
When you are trying to save money, dining out is often last on your list.

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