Tiger Woods set new record $100M in winning

Okay, it is not really article about finance but the golfer, Tiger Woods has make more than $100 million in his career. He achieved the milestone after finishing third at the Deutsche Bank Championship which he won $544,000. Behind him is Vijay Singh which collect $66.79 million in his career.

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Eventhough he just reached the $100 million career winning he maybe has become multimillionaire using his brand. Eventhough he can’t win for long time but he still one of the richest athlete in the world. How he achieve it? It ain’t a one or month work. It need time for him to become that millionaire. I think it is better if you train your son to become sportsman. It have potential especially if they can become a professional. Sometimes, athlete that don’t have any certification in university but their income is more than all of us who is struggle and spend money in university. That’s all for today. I just think to become a sports agent one day.. Anybody have experience?

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