Tips to Add Resale Value for your home

Are you buying a house and want to sell it in the future? Not all house could bring your profit if you just buy without doing anything.
In this article, I’ll share tips about home improvement projects that add resale value.

1) Fresh paint

– Fresh paint makes the interior of a house look and feel new. For the most universal appeal be sure to use neutral colors and paint it yourself to maximize profit.

2) Landscaping
– Never underestimate the value of a good first impression. Landscaping adds to the curb appeal and, like painting, most people can do it themselves and save a ton.

3) New Windows
– New windows will help create an updated and clean look. Energy efficient windows will also add appeal for most home buyers.

4) New Siding
– Nothing gives the prospective home buyer the newly updated impression quicker than a bright, clean exterior. Vinyl siding also adds appeal due to low maintenance.

5) Wood Deck
– While it doesn’t actually add to the square footage of your home, a wood deck adds living space and will appeal to most, especially those who love a good BBQ.

6) Add More Space
– Usable square footage always adds value to a home. Consider finishing an attic or basement or perhaps even an addition.

7) Upgrade Bathroom
– Everyone loves a nice clean and updated bathroom but nobody wants the headache of updating it themselves. Be sure that you upgrade the bathroom because it will add your house value.

8) Remodeled Kitchen
– The kitchen is considered by many to be the central part of a home. A simple remodel is a great idea but like the bathroom, make sure your changes fit in with the rest of your house. Don’t overdo it as the house has their own value. Too much decoration couldn’t up more for your house value. Make sure about safety issue in your kitchen.

9) New Front Door
– Often overlooked by sellers but always noticed by buyers. It is important to have a new front doot to add curb appeal and value to your house.

10) Clearance about Plumbing and Electrical
– Make sure plumbing and electrical issue done before present to buyer. Presenting a potential buyer with brand new plumbing and electrical can potentially give a 200% return on investment. Many buyer will look at your plumbing and electrical as it is a big problem for used house. Make sure it is in good condition.

Source :-TipsOGraphic

That’s 10 tips could help you to add resale and mark your house value. Many people could earn more than their current value by doing some of the tips above.  It could help you to increase your profit. Before upgrade all of the method, get advice from your agent. They know about your budget you need to spend.

If you have any idea, let’s share with us.

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