Top Four Work from Home Scams

Have you heard about work from home? Maybe some of you want to make a part time basis and earn some money a month make a job at home. But not all of the work is really work, some of them are scam such as :-

1. Envelope Stuffing: This is a classic example of a business that may not be for real. If you were the employer, why would you pay someone $1 or more to stuff an envelope when you could job out the task to a mailing house for pennies apiece?
// Hm.. I don’t know about this work. Maybe it is right.

2. At-Home Assembly Work: This is also highly suspicious. If these companies were legit, why wouldn’t they be using offshore labor at a fraction of the cost?
// I don’t really agree with the statement because there’s many assembly work that really paid. I’ve found some of the people assembly toy at home and get paid. Maybe the company used the people at home to reduce cost for labour. Yeah, costing for labour is rather high than just using this method.

3. Medical Billing or Claims Processing: “Very few medical professionals will let just anyone handle private medical info,” says Atkins, especially with new healthcare privacy rules in effect. Most doctors will not outsource billing services to individuals, but rather to large, established companies whose workers are trained and employed on site.
// Okay.. I never heard about this work. I also don’t think this is really a work.

4. Refund-Recovery Business: In this work-at-home scheme, the scammers offer to sell you software to track late and lost UPS and FedEx packages and assist the shippers’ customers in obtaining refunds. The shippers say these refund-recovery schemes are bogus
// Never heard about this scheme too.

Source :- Career Services

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