Travel tips for Olympic trip

Olympic 2012 at London from July 27 – August 12 will be held soon. Many sport fans will go to London to watch the biggest sports event. It ain’t cheaper to go there. The first expenses you need to find is flight. You can research at to get the price.
The summer is always expensive at UK and it ain’t easy to get discount airfares to London. The high demand will make the airfares more expensive than current fee. There’s a website to compare about the price at , . Use airline miles and perks if you can.
Where to stay? It is also a big cost for stay at London. The hotel price is expensive with room rates average of $500 per night. There’s an alternative by renting some of locals houses and apartment. You can check the listing at HomeAway. But you need to check whether it is scammer or not. If you have any relatives at London or nearby, stay at their house. It will cut cost.
You also can stay in commuter hubs outside of London. It might be cheaper .
Tickets? It is closed right now but you can buy it cheaper in the last minute. They will sell leftover seats at cheaper price. Those won’t go on sale until May. Avoid event finals because it will be expensive. There’s also a package deal. Try CoSport as they are official U.S vendor of tickets for the Summer Olympic. There’s also another website that give package price.
Local transportation ain’t cheap in London. Most of Olympic venue don’t have parking, so you’ll have to arrive via public transportation. You also can rent a bike which is cheaper and easy.
Eating for every meal is about $25. It will be a lot of good street food during the games and maybe there’s a cheaper meal.
Source = BankRate

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