Twenty ways to cut expenses

Nowaday, the money has been not enough. But do we really use money wisely? Cut expenses ain’t easy , but you can do by using some of this ways :-

writing daily expenses

1) Watch out for shipping costs when buying via the Internet. Look for free shipping or buy locally.

2) When traveling, look online before you leave for ideas or coupons. Once on site, ask the locals for low-cost favourite spots.

3) Consider buying a certified preowned car insted buy new one.


4) Use the public library to check out books for free.

5) Cut back going to Starbucks or other expensive kopitiam.

6) Try a vacation at homestay/apartmentstay instead at hotel. It could save on hotel costs.

7) Lock in a fixed mortgage rate so your interest rate can’t increase to a point you can no longer make your house payments.

8) Pay off your credit cards monthly and avoid paying interest.If you must charge, switch to a no-fee or low-fee credit card.

9) Only use ATMs where you won’t be charged service fees.

10)Invest your EPF to other’s profitable investment and not the quick rich scheme.

11)Give up expensive health club memberships. Learn to exercise outdoors, at home or through the park district.

12)Wash your car at home and skip the car wash.

13)Bring your lunch to work or scout out the inexpensive places to buy lunch

14)Talk to financial planner at no cost. My recommendation place is AKPK.


15)If consider moving or retirement, look into place where the cost of living and/or state tax rates are cheaper.

16)Don’t buy mutual funds just before capital gains distributions.

17)Be a smart grocery shopper – cut coupons, shop at discount stores and stock up on sale item.

18) Track your spending. If you write it all down, you’ll probably spend less. And you’ll know exactly where your money goes.

|Envelope Money Budget |

19)Only do full loads of laundry and fill the dishwasher before running it.

20)Do your own home improvements.

Proper budgeting and cost-cutting can help you free up funds for investment, emergency accounts or debt paydown.

Source :- MorningStar

At the end of every month, you check your bank account balance, and your heart
Going shopping in supermarket will slash money than your budgetting if you not properly plan.

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