Video : Ramit Sethi – Personal Finance Basics

Hi, I just think to share one of the best video about personal finance. Do you know Ramit Sethi? Ramit Sethi is an American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur. He is the author of the 2009 personal finance book ‘ I Will Teach You To Be RIch’ – a New York Times Bestseller and a co-founder of PBWorkds, a commercial wiki website. His advice is a bit different from many personal advisor. Most of advisor will advice you to saving more and spending less but he’s perspective different. He wants young people to slash their debt, invest for retirement, and increase their earning power.

Ramit’s advice on money has been featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, FOX Business, PBS, The New York Times, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, npr, REUTERS, and most recently in a major feature in Fortune Magazine.

Just watch the video on how Ramit Sethi taugh us about personal finance basic

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