Wake Me Up When September Ends

The title is same like Greenday song. Yup, the title is not related to this article. Now, it is September which means, there only 4 month before 2015 end.
Are we really complete our ‘2014 Resolution’ especially in finance term ? It is hard to say but there’s much more fall than success for me. Aim to save at least 10% of my income is far away, can’t settle PTPTN and many more resolution is only half of the achievement.


Eventhough, the ‘2014 Resolution’ can’t be achieved but it is not mean that I must stopped. Within 4 months, I must aim to get better on the resolution. Don’t become pesimis and trying hard to have better financial.
‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’,the song that I like to hear especially when September reach. This September, there’s many new expenses need to write on the budget.

1) Hire a babysitter. I just get babysitter for my baby. It cost ‘RM300’ per month. It is a must because my wife will start work on this month. Like or not, I need to put my lovely baby to someone. I could put at my mom if want to save but that’s not good. As a son, give a rest for my mother. It is not her time to become babysitter.

2) Planning to buy an aircond. This will effect my income. I don’t want to put aircond but the weather is too hot. My baby also need a cool air for him. The aircond will cost around RM1,000 above. And my TNB electric bill will increase.. Oh my.. This global warming also effect our money too..

3) Last salary, I just bought a smartphone after my previous smartphone has broken down. It cost me RM500 which means I’ve lost that much money from my budget. Need to spend wisely this month.

4) Need to renew 2 domains as it will expire this month. It also cost much money especially after the RM currency fall. The 2 domain cost me around RM120.00. That’s not include the hosting cost that almost the same amount.

5) There’s a finance course to attend. Not for personal but department. It not cost money but cost time for me as it will be held on Saturday and Sunday. ‘TIME ALSO MONEY’ for me as I can’t blogging that week.

Yeah.. That’s some point that make me want to sleep all day in September. But Life Must Go On. Keep Strong and Optimistic we can do it.

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