Waveapps – Accounting Apps for Small Business

Do you have a business but don’t have any accounting system? Small business that could afford to buy thousand dollar system?
How about using a free/affordable accounting system that suit for your business? I’m recommend you to use Waveapps.com.

The system free for invoice and general accounting but there is a small fee if you want to use the payroll module.
If you run small business, invoice is important for your client. The invoicing is easy and very customizable with email delivery. You can see the important part such as invoice has been delivered, viewed and paid by your customer.
There’s no limit on how many customers or invoices we can create. And we can create invoices from anywhere as it also feature in web application, smartphone app. You can track payments, partial payments, overdue invoces.

The system helps small busines to keep track of our expenditures and income.
It also 256-bit SSL encryption for our record security and the information stored in the cloud.

There’s many features that you can used it for your business. I can’t review all of them. So, for those of you still don’t have any accounting system, just try waveapps and it could rock your finance especially for business purpose.
If you want to get review about Waveapps, try this
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Or watch this Vide Getting Started with WaveApps

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