Ways to do when forget writing daily expenses

In personal budget, writing daily expenses is most important part to know where your money going out. It will effect our financial planning. I’ve forget writing daily expenses about a week and found that it could give me headache as I’m planning to get married on February 2014. In my calculation, I need about RM10K more to spend for wedding preparation otherwise I must apply for loan.
It is not good as I’ve tried to escape from adding many loan in my life. I’m forget writing daily expenses because there’s many emergency expenses to prepare for engangement. In my calculation, I’ve spend about RM1,000 just for engangement ceremoney including engangement ring, clothes and etc. It is not cheap to marriage so I hope it is first and last wedding in my life.
writing daily expenses

Back to the topic, do you forget writing daily expenses? I think most of us have doing this (if not, you are really a good planner). So, what do you do if you forget writing daily expenses ? This is my way after forget to write the daily expenses :-

Ways after forget writing daily expenses

1. First, collect all the bill and receipt that you have paid. Write it on your ledger to ensure you won’t forget anything.
2. If you can’t remember where you put the bill and receipt, then you must calculate average daily expenses and write at your ledger.
3. If you still lazy, just look at your wallet and count how much balance do you have . Write it at your ledger the balance and continue it. Oo.. don’t forget to look at your account bank .
4. Don’t push yourself to write all the daily expenses. The important is you can count how much the balance you have before the salary payment. Make sure you plan again and again.

It is hard to consistently and make discpline but we need to do again and again. This is the only way to success in our finance and always remember not to forget writing daily expenses again.

How about you? Do you have any idea to do if you forget writing daily expenses ?

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