What I learn from book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’

Have you ever read the book ‘ Rich Dad Poor Dad ‘? This books by Robert T Kiyosaki is the book about finances that should be owned by everyone. This is because it is talking about the financial reality and not merely theoretical. This is in contrast with most financial books too talks about the theory so that sometimes is not suitable at present. I recently read the book until the last page. It is an achievement for ourselves that are not diligent to read.

Before reading it, I’ve seen this book on display at leading bookstores. At that time I was skeptical and felt that this book only teaches how to save money and make money only. But my prediction wrong. This book is not just about managing financial matters but also help in dealing with everyday life.
Much information collected through reading this book, such as: –



1. This book open mind about financial perception. If during this time I think that a lot of money is everything but philosophy ‘rich dad’ indicates that it is wrong. A lot of money will not be fruitful if not managed properly.
2. Many who consider wealth is the root of evil. This is contradicted by ‘rich dad’ in which he states is due to the fact that there is a perception in the community.
3. Principles money work for us instead of us working for money. This book shows some instances where many individuals who fail to manage their finances to become a slave of money.
4. There is also the principle of the ‘poor dad’ about always giving to people.
5. The book also shows how smart rich people use their expertise to avoid waste. In fact, there are stories where Robert stated that most people who pay taxes to the government.

6. The book also provides real financial motivation. There is a statement to the effect that if you want to learn finance and rested from school. Perhaps this bit of controversy but when read and observed it was true. Schools do not teach us about finance but only make us static in finance.
7. Robert also wrote about his experiences from childhood. The experience when he is 8 years old withhis two fathers of the rich and the poor. From there he learned from both of them until he became a successful man. His success is shared with others.

There’s many more benefit we can learn from this book. I can’t describe one by one because I’m not good at reviewing book. If you really want to know this book’s entire contest, you can buy it at amazon.com. Just click at the picture link below.

If you have read this book, why don’t you give some review about the book at comment below? Maybe you have different opinion to share.

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  1. It has been sometime since I read this book. But between this book and his second book, “Cashflow Quadrant”, I find the second book to be more inspiring as it gives me an idea on what to work on to achieve financial freedom. One will have to do some further reading as Kiyosaki only gives an overview but not the details. Luckily he provided a reading list at the end of the book.

  2. OOO.. I’ve found that book in the bookstore.. I’ll get in at the end of this month after finish reading 2 book I’ve bough this month.. Thanks

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