What I learned from my holiday trip

Last 3 days, I’m going to holiday trip with my officemate. The trip is office Family Day and there’s a long journey. I’m not really a traveler person and I have not going for long journey long time ago. I’ve to join the trip because last year I ‘m not participating their trip. So this year I join to make they believe I’m one of their families.

The journey is long and it took about 12 hours before we reached the destination. The trip took a long time because of the bad planning from organizer. Okay, I won’t complain about their management because it is not related to this niche blog so I just want to share what I learned from the trip.


  1. In this journey, I’ve withdraw $500 from ATM machine. Luckily, it is enough. I’ve spend about $160 only for this journey including $50 (t-shirt for souvenier), $20 caps (for my karaoke show), $20 (snack), $10 (meals – luckily there’s a sponsor for some meals), $10 (souvenier gift) and $50(fruits). That’s still saving from wasting my money. I’ve plan to spend when get at the place. I just bought necessary item only. So, there’s a lot of money can be save. Balance of money can be spending for daily spending and paid my education loan.
  2. The tourist place item is expensive.  I’ve bought the caps for $20 after bargain from the seller. I’m not good in communication and my bargain skills are not really good. The price is $25 and I bargain for $20 and they accept it. It looks like I can get lower than that if I’ve get good skills in bargain.  Must learn it at the future. Maybe I’ll try to cut ½ on the price on next bargain.
  3. In the trip there are many families. They spend many thing. Not just on the journey but also their child item. I’ve look that their sons have iPad, smartphone which I can’t afford even I’m still bachelor.  How about next 10 years after I’ve my own son that become teenager?  It is much money need to spend at that time. The gadget will be more expensive than today.  I need to save money from now for future retirement planning.
  4. It is need to have travel agent for trips like this. I’ve look that we wasted time at the bus because no good planning. Maybe travel agent will cost some of money but it will save time.
  5. Family office day trip is not fun. We’re not independence to go anywhere. Stuck in the hotel and buses make the trip getting boring.
  6. In the family day, there’s a lucky draw but as I’ve know, lucky is not with me. I was expecting to get iPad or LED television but just get a tupperware. Yes, it is frustrated to get it but still grateful eventhough not satisfied with the prize. To get the item, I must work hard on my own.  Earn money from my work and buy it using the money. It is more satisfied.


Okay, that’s all for today. I need to refresh my body. The holiday is gone but the life is must go on. I’ve also planning on family trip on February. Hope it could better than this.

How about you? Have a good holiday? Let’s share with me and all reader.



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