What I learned from my short holiday trip

Last week, I just going trip to Shah Alam, Selangor to meet my sister in law. It is one of my target this year. Eventhough, it is holiday trip but there’s many lesson about finance that I’ve learned.
This is some of finance lesson I’ve learned :-

1) Using Touch N Go
– This is my first time using Touch N Go card at toll plaza. It don’t have any discount but it make easier for me as a driver to pay. I don’t need to make changes because don’t have enough money.

– There’s also many toll plaza at KL, so using Touch N Go card is convenient way rather than use cash. Touch N Go also easy to reload as many places provide the top up service. I’ve top up my sister’s Touch N Go at 7 Eleven near my home.

2) Hotel
– I’ve stay at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. To get cheaper fee, I’ve using onlin ebooking through their website. It is much cheaper than booking through calling or walk in. We need to survey and get the best date as its has promotion date.
– I’ve also research and compare with others hotel before coming to Shah Alam. Concode Hotel is most convenience and I can afford it.

3) Money
– Before holiday, I’ve set budget on my expenses. It is important as it could effect my budget for this month. It is important to have a tight budget in holiday.

4) Place to go
– In holiday, there’s a place to go. I’ve setting a place before going to holiday. First, a place that don’t need to much money. It is my sister in law and uncle house. Other’s is entertainment place. I’ve go to Botanical Shah Alam which is cheaper and fresh. The expensive place is I-City but I’ve set tight budget and only go to Trick Art Museum.

5) Food
– Luckily, I’m not spending too much on food. Hotel provide breakfast and we going to breakfast late on 9.00 am. It give much energy and we don’t eat much for lunch.

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6) Sister In law story
– There’s some lesson I’ve learned from my sister in law story. The main part is we never trust even our sibling about money. It can make our family relationship break apart if it is about money. It is a sad story that I can’t share with you.

That’s some of what I’ve learned from my short holiday trip. Maybe I’ll make another holiday trip after my wife giving birth this April/ Mei.

Last 3 days, I’m going to holiday trip with my officemate. The trip is office
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