What I learned from Mydin biography

I just finished reading another book about one of successfull entreprenuer in Malaysia, Mydin. For Malaysian reader, they will know when we said about ‘Mydin’. Their brain will connected and reply with ‘ Malaysian hypermarket’ as it is very famous in Malaysia. Mydin is a local brand that compete with international hypermarket such as Giant, Tesco, Jaya Jusco and others.
The company has been found by the Malaysian citizen, Mydin Mohamed and his family continue to expand their business from small retail shop to big hypermarket retail. ‘Why pay more, buy at wholesale prices !’ is their slogan that make many people love to spend at their market.

I’ve wrote about ‘What I learn from Syed Mokhtar Albukhary biography’ before and in this article I’ll wrote the same title but the different person. In the book ‘Mydin – Untold Story’ there’s 2 adorable person has been introduced, Tuan Mydin Mohamed (founder) and Datuk Wira Ameer Mydin (managing director).
This 2 person is most important person that make Mydin company huge and famous around the world. So there’s many things wrote in the book.


There’s many things I’ve learned after reading the book such as :-

1. Success not come easily. This 2 individual not getting success in easy way. Tuan Mydin has develop their business from below while Datuk Wira Ameer Mydin also learned from others before joined the family company.
2. Finance management is important. This 2 people don’t waste their money and know how to manage it. They spend money wisely even they could spend more with their wealth.
3. Networking is important in business. Datuk Wira Ameer Mydin has experience in banking and has network that help Mydin to expand their business. Without bank networking maybe it is not easy for Mydin to become huge company like now.
4. Time management is important. Datuk Wira Ameer manage his time. He don’t like to come late and always before time.
5. Helping others is a must. Mydin always do corporate social responsibility. They also contribute such as make donation for those poor people.
6. Not all business success. There’s also some of Mydin business not get profit and need to close. It show that business has up and down.

Okay, that’s some summary that I’ve gained after reading the book. I’m recommend you to buy the book ‘Mydin – The Untold Story’ at MPH Bookstore.

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