What I want To Buy and Achieve In 2019

It is December which means we will welcome another years. Before 2018 end, I’ll like to write my resolution. First, I’ll like to share my aim to buy :-

1) Olike Neo

  • My target is around January. Using Adsense income which could be reach minimum payment around January. If I could withdraw it, I could get RM400. The Olike Neo cost around RM3++.So it is my short term target.
    How I earn money through Adsense? I don’t use this blog but it come from my health niche blog YourHealthblog.net and Melakacool.com. So, if you really think I deserve to get the reward, you could promote the blog too.
    Or you can buy your own smartwatch at Amazon.com. I could earn some income from Amazon affiliate too.

2) Football/Running Shoe

  • It is hard to use online income but I will get bonuss next month. I’ll reserve some of the payment to buy boot shoe.I think the cost of my shoe boot is around RM200. Or you could help me to earn from Amazon too.. Look at this fabolous shoe. Maybe some of the shoe suit you

3) Standby for another child

  • Okay, this is just planning. My wife still not pregnant yet but I’ll work hard to get another child. I need to have at least RM3,000 for the expensens next year. My oldest child will go to school next year and need more money for him.
    The fee is around RM300 and I think I need to spare around Rm500 per month for him. Using my salary is enough but I need to have additional income. One of my other’s additional income will come from my homestay and royalty from my book.

4) New Laptop

  • This is my dream to have new laptop. Nowaday I’ve used second hand laptop that are more than 5 years old. I need to get new laptop next year. I’ve planned to have new book, new blog look. And I started to enhance my skills on stock investing.
    I hope next year, my trading plan could be success. This year, it is hard for me to take profit from stock market. I still lose eventhough I’ve learnt a lot about stock today.

5) Steady income.

  • My dream to retire before 40s has gone but I’m still planning to retire before 45. It means I need to have steady income in next 5 years. My plan is to retire freedomly with steady income.
    I will need to have yearly income around RM45,000-50,000. It could be done if I could have 4-5 book and my blog could generate income at least RM2,000 monthly. It still possible if I’ll work hard and smarter.

6) Book and Page

  • As I’ve mention above 2019 will become my starting point to published a book. It is not about book, I’ll push my Facebook page, twitter follower to maximize. It could boost an income if I could maximize it.
    Many people success using this media to become successful. There’s another media such as Youtube and Instagram but I don’t think I could grab that social media.

7) Profitable Portfolio in Stock Market

  • 2019 still the bad year for economy but I think I’ll keep on positive side. I’ve trading plan to become short term trader. It is not stressfull than investor. Maybe I need to be mature before I could become investor like Warren Buffet.
    I need to follow which part the best stock market strategy suit to me. I think short term trader is for me. At least for 2019.

8) Learning to become a teacher

  • I’ve think become a financial advisor is a great job. We could become consultant that could help people too. I’ve seen many stock market guru doing the wrong way. They make people paid high fee but most of them just can’t get it.
    I’ll try to help them in such a simple way. Just wait and see..

Okay that’s my aim for 2019. I’ll need to work hard and plan as much as I can do. How about that? Let’s bring positive aura in our bodies too..

In the same way that having a healthy relationship with the people in your life
When you are trying to save money, dining out is often last on your list.

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