What is Financial Mediation Bureau


Have you heard about Financial Mediation Bureau in Malaysia? I think most of us never know about this institution. The Financial Mediation Bureau is an independent body set up to settle complaints, disputers or claims between us and financial services providers who are members of the FMB, as an alternative to going to court.
The disputes may be related to banking, financial insurance or takaful matters.

The following matters, however will not be considered :-

  • General pricing
  • Product policies or services of the members
  • Credit decisions (approval, rejection and rescheduling of loans)
  • Fraud cases (other than for fraud cases involving payment instruments, credit cards, change cards, ATM cards and cheques for which the limit is not more than RM25,000)
  • Cases that are time barred for more than 6 years
  • Cases that have been or are referred to the court and/or for arbitration

** Term and condition may change as this info is not update. Click on www.fmb.org.my for more information

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