What is Stock Market and how it works

What is the Stock Market and how it works

The Stock market is a place where you can buy as well as sell shares of all the listed company available. In terms of buying or selling you must have a demat account. A Demat Account is a kind of account which allows you to invest or redeem your money in the Stock Market.

Demat account opening is easily available in our country moreover; we also have many discount broker for that. For opening a demat account you can go for UPSTOX or ZERODHA or 5PAISA etc. They are the most popular discount brokers available.

Let’s talk about what is market and how it behaves?

A market is a place where we can invest our money according to our plan. Our plan must be a goal-oriented one. First, we have to see what is our desire means how much profit we need to fulfill our goal. The equity market is a complex and risky one but for a young investor, it has been always advised to invest there. To read more about Stock Market Tips you can follow FinanceWikki a Best Personal Finance and Investment Blogs in India. The market is full of opportunities we just need to find ours.

Let’s talk about Share Market

Once you open your demat account you’re now authorized to sell or buy the securities. Securities/Stocks/Shares all are same. Investing in the stock market is an easy process but where to invest is quite mathematical. There are many rules and theories available for the market. But for sure no rules are 100% authentic, for profitable trading you should follow Best Stock Market Investing Tips from experienced traders. Stock Market is a pure business where you buy and sell kinds of stuff in the form of shares. The Stock Market works from Monday to Friday (9:15 am to 3:15 pm).

You can follow Candlesticks pattern charts, Price actions etc for trading. These are the most commonly used theories. It is not complex but the people made it. Some people think like YE TO JUA HAI… but this is not at all probability based business.

You have to understand the logic behind buying and selling. If the demand for any stuff rises its price will automatically go up and vice versa. The market works with the same logic. If the balance sheet of RELIANCE shows a profit of 20% higher than a previous year then it is a good sign of investing your money there. Last 2 weeks ago HDFC raised with 51% financial business and it was observed a profit of Rs. 42 in 8 days only. I hope you get the knowledge of its working.

Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjunwala, they are known as the king of Stock Market. They both believe that you can only be a billionaire by investing in Long term funds.

Now let’s talk about Intraday and Delivery Trading

Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is trading with fixed time limits. You can buy and sell stocks after 09:15AM and this will automatically square off at 03:15 PM. Intraday is a highly complex market study which needs accurate decisions otherwise you will lose your money.

90% of the people lose their money in this Trading and rest 10% blessed with all 90% of the money lost by them.

Delivery Trading

Delivery, on the other hand, is kind of trading where you can hold your stocks for desired no. of days and wait for the profit. It is natural that it is more time consuming than intraday but the profit is for sure. The traders first identify why this stock should be selected and what will be his required profit. Delivery is also known as long term trading.

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