What is the business venture for me?

Last day, I’ve been questioned from my officemate. What is the business venture for me? Which is the business that easy for me? How to become rich?

It’s quite funny because he took advice from me. I’m not success businessman. But it is not wrong to ask me because other than me, mostly of my office mate facing trouble in finance. Most of them make a personal loan that need to settle. But he asks about business, so why ask me? Okay, maybe I’m also making a business; a craft online business and next, pineapple business. I’m really proud because he wants to get advice from me. So, I’ll try to give my opinion about the business that suitable for him and I hope he wills success, even though I’m not confident he will continue his ambition.

Get back to the topic. What is the business venture for me? How to know what business that suits you? Let’s read my opinion below:-


  • Look at yourself, what you interest? It makes sense if you enter business on the field you expert. In my friend’s case, I’ll give his strength which is in road construction using the ‘back hoe’. He has an experience in that field so it is better for him to choose this business. Not selling back hoe but a service to use it. Maybe to buy it needs such huge amount of money but he can do any method such as rental from others.
  • Follow your expert friends. It is also one way to introduce you to the business. You can learn from your friends the transaction and procedures in that area business. If possible, try to be he/she business partners. But, don’t just stick to only business partner. Learn and make your own business. You need to know sometimes, best friends could become your worst enemy. So prepared for anything bad happen.
  • Look at the potential and opportunity. Don’t just make a business that too much in that area. You will struggle to compete especially from those established businessman. Try to avoid same business if there are more than 3 same pattern businesses. Many people were swayed by others. He/she just make the same business based on the success of businessman nearby. It is not right. Find the potential of business that not much people involved but you must do some homework before involved it.
  • Do some research, analyst, planning. It is important to make this 3 method. Many people failed in business because they don’t do this. They just enter the field without proper preparation.
  • Look at your capital. Don’t just enter the business because of big profit. It will cost you. Calculate your possible capital and look the business suit. If you don’t have much money, don’t enter in high risk business. Avoid make loan that excess your capacity.
  • Lastly, just try it. To get more advice will confuse you. I think you can enter into any business but you must look at the above method.

Okay, that’s all for today. Hopefully you can start your own business and become a success businessman/woman. If you have any other’s opinion let’s share at the comment box below….


Just like any other social relationship, the one that you have with your business partners
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