What is the first thing you think about insurance?

When asked to make a decision now, most people will give reasons, “Wait first. I do not think again “. Next week, when asked again for the same reason he gave, “Insurance? I have not thought yet to buy insurance “.
Insurance Claim

To buy insurance, you are NOT NEED TO THINK LONG!

Maybe you’ll be like this because you do not need insurance. Maybe you will think yourself immune or strong and what has happened to other people, would not be happening to you.

Did not even cross your mind that life insurance can only be purchased while you are on a healthy 100 per cent .. If health is not allowed, no insurance company will accept you even though you can afford the high premiums.
If you still want to think, whether you need insurance or not, let us all think an honest now!

Do you know if you have cancer in the fourth stage (cancer that has spread throughout the body), all treatments’ chemotherapy, the cost is quite expensive to thousands of dollars.

If the week you had to undergo treatment five times a month you need treatment more than thousands of dollars. That is just the cost of treatment ‘chemotherapy’ for a month.

If overnight you are destined to suffer a similar fate, what is your solution?

Using your own savings?

How much savings do you have now? Is it enough that your savings?

Selling property?

Are you made  of the very wealthy? Do you have a property that can be sold quickly?

What else do you think?

Although many stories have been published about the lives of others, who had to suffer as a result of disasters that befell them, but there are still many who want to think long to get insurance coverage.

Look for simple solutions, cheap, safe and secure without selling your property or ask for donations. Do not let your family also suffer from the same your own stubbornness.

Normally when you sell the property in desperation you have to sell at cheaper prices.

Can the sale proceeds cover the cost of your treatment?  Where the wife and your children will live, when the house and your property is sold?

Apply for a loan?

Are banks willing to give you a loan, if it has been critically ill and no longer able to work?

Do you have rich friends, who are willing to lend a lot of money to you, without question?

Who is willing to bear your loan debt, if you can not afford to pay?

Ask for donations?

Do charities that can give you a bit of money, without question, or red tape? Are you willing to wait so long, to make the donation by that?

Do you have life insurance? Do you think that life insurance sold by agent/insurance company
Do you own a life insurance attorney? I think most of us don't have any

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