What is Trading Plan

Today, my friend just discuss with me about trading stock. He just involved in the trading field last month. He just get profit by sell some unit his share and he is interesting to continue his investment.
I think he is fast learner. Even though he is not good in English but he know many thing about stock. It look like he could be a good player if he get more education about investing in stock.
I’m not good as I’ve still not do stock investment. Nowaday, I just invest in such small risk investment.

He registered with RHB Invest and he invest as low as RM500 but learn that it couldn’t help to gain capital for short term. I think it make me interested to registered to CDS and try to invest in some stock.
Maybe for short term I’ll try to invest in local stock before I try to buy some international IPO to gain more money.

| What is CDS ? |

Back to the title, what is Trading Plan? Based on Investopedia definition, trading plan is a systematic method for screening and evaluating stocks, determining the amount of risk that is or should be taken, and formulating short and long-term investment objectives.
A successful trading plan will also involve details like the type of trading system to be used. Most plans require the use of various types of technical analysis tools.

For more info, I’ll recommended you to watch this Youtube Video from Tim Racette

It ain’t easy to involved investment in stock. You need to have knowledge before join. Let’s success together.
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