What life lesson you will learn in college

Most of us have experience in college. There’s many thing we learn in college that educated ourselves. It is not just about getting higher marks but also about life.
For those, who will go to college , these are some tips how to make of these lesson :-

Making friends
– You need to make friends in college. It is not same like school. Train yourself to reach out and meet people from over all the country. Join club that you are interested. In this phase you will learn about network which is important in financial management.
Learn from the wiser people and you can become better. Learn about communication also important for your future as you need to have more network. The more friends you have, more potential to brand yourself. The popular people have better chance to get more opportunity than shy people.

Money Management
– In college, you need to manage money yourself. Your father won’t buy you a bag or book for you. You need to use your allowance wisely. Some of college not provided accomodation and you need to learn how to manage money for rent, shop, bills and budget. If you get this skills, you will have better understanding to manage money in the future. It also affect on your future workplace.
Experience to independent is important so that by time you get a job, it is easy for you to do without any provision.

Living with others
– Living with others will teach you how to negotiate, patience and communicate. You also learn important conflict survival and resolution skills.

This 3 life lesson is important as you will face it as an adult. Always be positive about it and don’t afraid of any consequences.

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