What to do When you losing money


Today I just want to write unique from my idea and no copy paste. Maybe there’s grammatical error in this post. Hope you can understand this article.


Who never losing money? I think most of us have experience to lose money. It ain’t a good memory for us to lose the valuable thing but it can’t be avoid. It is a must for us as a human (animals won’t lose money because they don’t need it).

In our childhood, we lose money because there’s a hole in our pocket or there’s a delinquent boy that rob our money. We can cry to our parent and either they scold us or persuade us to not cry. Tomorrow we can get the money to spend at our school. Even though the money lose but we can still spending for next day. We don’t need to think how to get back the money.

In our teenage time, we lose money because there’s many friends persuade us to enjoy. Enjoy need money so we can lose money easily. In this phase some of us do some part time job to earn more money. Money pocket not really enough. This phase is really trouble financial phase. If we don’t have knowledge about financial management, we will waste thousand of money. Teenagers is rage. They love to follow their friends even though it is no need. Look at your teenager time, how much money you save in your account saving? Maybe most of don’t save in that phase. It is because we don’t have enough education or don’t bother about it. Honestly, I’m regret that not saving at that time.

In our adult time, we just have more commitment. Pay loan, expenses ain’t cheap. It will increase if you marriage. The cost will be higher time after time. In this phase more money will be lose. You can lose money if ;-

1. Not properly plan on the budget. We will spend more than we can afford.
2. Unexpected cost such as stolen, disaster and government policy. As we know, there’s many thief in the world. Not just common thief, nowadays you can lose your money via internet. There’s many scam that intention to stole your money. Disaster also can make you losing money. Earthquake, accident is some example of disaster that could cost your money. Government policy also a main problem. Changing of policy such especially in tax will effect your pocket. It is good if there’s decrease but it will make you headache if there many increasing in tax.
3. Health problem. Health is a most important part in our life. It is not worthy if you become millionaire but don’t have a good health. Why have million of dollar but can’t eat many things or walking using wheelchair only.

In our old age. This is not the best time to losing money. Most of oldest losing on health. It is bad if your son also a bad guy. Don’t give you allowance but want your asset. So, beware on this age. You must have a big amount money in your saving. You can’t work harder like others phase and your brain slowly decrease. Make sure you (and me also) prepare for this phase. Keep on saving and avoid more inappropriate losing.

That’s all for today totally unique post for me.. Hope I can write others original post like this…

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