What to do with your coins ?


Do you facing a situation where your pockets or wallets heavy with coins. It happen when we receive for our purchase of product or service. Most of us dislike this situation. But do you know that it also have a benefit for us. Let’s read this tips

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1) Save the coins in a coin box
You will be surprised with the amount you can accumulate when you store  in a coin box and continue filling it . Once the coin box is full, just head on to the nearest bank branch and deposit  into your savings account. You will be pleased with the amount you would have saved over a period of three months or more .
Note: Some banks have guidelines for the deposit of coins such as segregating coins into separate amounts of money or denominations – check with your bank on these guidelines.

2) Use it for other purchases
There may be some of us who do not want the hassle of keeping coins, we want to get rid of it fast. How do we do that? It is important too! There are many opportunities to use  in our daily lives, for example, payment of parking fees, using them at vending machines, etc. You can also use these coins for other purchases apart from making payment at vending machines.
Note: Operators may have a cap on the amount of coins they accept from customers (due to the inconvenience of having to count the coins). So, check with the business operator if he will accept coins for the purchase and what is the maximum he will take.

3) Convert  to bank notes

If you do not have the patience to save your coins on a long term, one option of getting rid of the coins you have is by exchanging the coins to bank notes. Ask a grocery store or hawker stall owner, these businessmen require a lot of coins for their businesses. Think of it as a win-win situation; you get your money in a more convenient form and the business operator obtains coins for the operation of his day-to-day business.

4) Give it to your children as daily pocket money
Want to inculcate a good habit in children? Start from the time they are still young. Guide them to spend within their means and at the same time, encourage them to save. If there is a surplus after expenses, advise them to put in their coin box. You can also nurture this habit further by contributing  to their collection so they know that they have your full support.

5) Donate it to the needy

Some unfortunate people in the world do not have the luxury of leading a life like ours. Some of them do not even have a roof over their head or food to eat. The coins you have will go a long way with them. So, be a good Samaritan and donate where possible.

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