What Type of Trader Are You ?

There’s many type of trader in stock market. Do you really know which type are you ? Let’s read

1) The Day Trader

  • Looks for multiple daily trades
  • Seekss to profit from small market movements
  • Not interested in overnight risk
  • Aims for 10 to 20 positions a day
  • Extremely opportunistic
  • Excited by heightened market volatility

2) The Swing Trader

  • Focuses on price action and trends
  • Looks for definitive trends and reversals in prices
  • Ignores breaking news e.g company earnings
  • Highlights specific entry and exit points
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3) The Technical Trader

  • Utilises historical price trends
  • Predicts that history normally repeats itself
  • Ignore breaking news e.g earning reports, boardroom instability
  • Is very mechanical and methodical in approach

4) The Fundamental Trader

  • Analyses the true value of an asset
  • Looks for overvalued or undervalued prices
  • Attentive to economic data, company earnings and research

5) The Long Term Trader

  • Adops a buy and hold strategy
  • Typically puts money into the markets as opposed to sitting in the bank account earning minimal interest.
  • Utilises Spread betting or CFDs as a hedging tool against losses to investment

So which type are you? I’m in swing trader.. Eventhough I’m swing trader but I also look for techical and fundamental too..
It is important before making a decision to buy any stock.

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