What you do if get US 1 million ?

Do you have a dream? Maybe the impossible dream. Today I just want to write about impossible dream. Get a US 1 million dollar is a dream that have in my mind. It looks impossible now but hopefully with hard work and a bit luck, the number could be reach someday. But I don’t want to write if I achieve the number but just a dream.
Do you have a dream like me? Suddenly, there’s a person being nice to you and give US 1 million to you. So, what you do to the money? For me, this is what I’ve do with the money :-


1. Firstly, I’ll convert the money to my currency ( Ringgit Malaysia). In this time the currency for Malaysian Ringgit equal to 3,105,000.00. That’s such a huge money and I can’t achieve if just depend on my salary untill pension.
2. After converted the money, I’ll save RM500,000.00 at fixed deposit. I won’t save into one account but will spread it to 5 account. With the fixed deposit, I’ll predict that the dividend from the fixed deposit could cover my monthly budget.
3. Then, I need to spread the tax. I don’t know about the calculation but I’ve read some of information so I put the maximum of RM150,000 for taxes. I think the value is enough.
4. I will donate some of the money I’ve get. As there’s still much money, I’ll give RM1,000,000 to 4 charity. Still RM1,545,000 in my pocket.
5. Buy an apartment at my hometown. Maybe the apartment cost below RM150,00.00 and nearest a strategic place such as factory or university/college. I’ll buy about 5 apartment which cost about RM750,000.00. Maybe there’s an additional cost such as legal fee, tax or etc so I’ll budget Rm25,000 for that.
6. Okay, there’s still plenty of money. RM680,000 still can be use. With the balance I will use to pay my debt. Car loan ( RM30,000) + house loan ( RM 200,000) + education loan ( RM 6,000). Total is RM236,000.
7. There’ still RM444,000. So, I’ll expand my pineapple farm and I’ll use about RM40,000 for that purpose. Maybe it is enough for the small farm and buy some old lorry for transportation.
8. The balance now is RM400,000 and maybe I need to setup small company. I think I’ll setup a small craft shop/software development company nearby. Maybe it will cost about RM200,000.
9. The RM200,000 balance could be use to renovate my house and buying second hand imported car. And give some money to my parent. Ok, some of them will be used to invest in gold or silver. Not in huge quantity.
10 Last, I need to write what I’ve buy and how much balance I’ve had. And if I’m confident with my fund, I will retire.

That’s what I will do if I’ve that US 1 million but what I won’t do if get US 1 million ?

1.  Told to my friends or make press statement. Make it as a secret. Never make announcement at media or facebook or I’ll get in trouble.
2 . I’ve said that I will donate money but I won’t make publicity. As long I’m donate to license charity organization, it is enough.
3.  Not greedy. Many people going bankrupt even after become millionaire because of greedy. That’s why I won’t buy a first hand car.
4.  I won’t make investment that I won’t have knowledge about it. Maybe there’s an investment that could profit more than fixed deposit but I’ve play safe. Not too greddy

Okay, that’s all my dream. How about you? What will you do if receive US 1 million?

Okay this article is not suitable for me as I'm on 40s this year but
To become richer is our dream. It is also a great life if we got


  1. You have got a huge plan buddy. Nice to see your plan expanded so judiciously. Godd Luck Bro. Wish YFP brings you that $1million. I am planning a school and would love to spend that amount on it.
    Regards. keep in touch.

  2. yup.. still dreaming but that’s ain’t possible..
    hm.. your dream is good but maybe the amount is still not enough for long term for school.. maybe the school could generate income for future expenses.

  3. If I had a million dollars I would pay all of my bills plus those of my family. Buy a small house with a little land. I would donate to various charities and reseaerch groups. Go back to school with out a loan.Save 20%.I think thats it

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