What you need to do in December ?

Hello. It is December now and we will come to 2013 less than 30 days. There’s many thing to do to ensure our financial is good. In this entry, I’ll share what we need to do in December as below :-

1. Check your loan statement. All of us have a loan whether it is house loan, car loan, education loan or personal loan. On December, you need to get the statement how many you’ve paid and balance of the loan. Get the statement from your creditor. You can make next year planning using the statement. If some of your loan finished next year, you can get the priority in your finance management. If not, you can calculate your next year expenses more systhematically.
2. Ready for tax. Some of country paid tax at the end of year. If not, you still can make the budget for tax as early in December. You can calculate your net income at the end of year. You also need to check such as house tax that paid quarterly. Don’t paid late or you will lose money to pay the late charger.
3. For those shopaholic, it is good time for shopping. Some of shopper will give discount to clear their item. But beware of their trap. Sometimes they sell at the exact price but lie from their promotion. Always make comparison their price.
4. Get ready money for friends wedding. In this months, there’s many people marriage and you need to give present to them. Check the prize you can afford and not compete with them.
5. Check your insurance whether it is life insurance, car insurance or etc. Look at the statement and get advice from your agent.
6. Check your health condition. It is important to know whether your health is great or decrease. If decrease than you can plan to visit healthy practitioner in schedule for next year.
7. Write your plan for next year. You don’t need an expensive or complicated software. Just write using MsWord or excell about your plan next year.
8. Look at your account balance. You must know whether your saving is increase or decreasing than next year. If you not doing it before than it is a must to make it for next year. If you already do it, compare your last year account and end year balance. Is it increase or not? You must paid attention about this because saving is important for your retirement age. Less saving will make your future life in dark.
9. Ready for yearly budget. Maybe you can’t make it as detail because it can change drastically but the proper budget could help you to guide for your monthly spending.
10.Pay all your summon. Don’t paid late because there’s additional charger for late payment. It will cost more if you get caught in court. And it is unacceptable if you get into jail because not paid the summon.
11.Follow this blog from now and I’ll share any tips I’ve know to get better financial .

Okay that’s all. Maybe you can add your point by yourself.

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