What you spend in January 2013

Hello. After series of republish and copy paste article, in this entry I’ll write the unique article. January 2013 will end about a day. How about your budget? Is it good or not? Are your expenses is balance or your overspending?

It is important to write what your expenses in January to look whether you are in good track or not. Today, I want to write my own big spending for January.


  1. In January 2013, I’ve buy a second hand laptop. Is it a worth able buying? Honestly, I think it is not 100% good buying from me. Maybe I’ve make a wrong decision because I’m not compare the specification and the price. I said because the laptop is slow and can’t help me to become a backup for my office laptop. It couldn’t load for power point presentation and the hard disk also small. I know that I’ve a bad decision because I want the laptop in short time. But the laptop still working. It still help me to surf and update some of my blog such as my healthblog and car blog
  2. My other’s big expenses in this month are paying more for education and car loan. Before this I pay RM 250 for education loan while RM500 for car loan. This month I’ve paid RM300 for education loan and RM540 for car loan. Hopefully it could cut the loan period and I can settle the loan early than the period.
  3. Buying a fertilizer for my pineapple farm. It is for my loan term project and hope it could success
  4. Saving for my parents.  In this month I’ve deposit some money to my parents account. Hope I can add more monthly.
  5. Buying goods for my nephew. It is great to have new babies in our house.
  6. Buying 2 books and an ebook. It cost me about Rm60 but I’ve gain more knowledge about home properties and motivational. I’m target to get more books in the February 2013 to get more knowledge.

That’s some of my budget in January 2013. I just wrote the big expenses only. For small expenses, I’ve wrote on my personal budget ledger using MsExcell. How about your spending this January? Is it good or not?


Before you ask, I think it is better I’m answered first. Maybe what I wrote is more on personal budget but I hope some of you can write your own budget in your blog. You can track or look back and reading it. It is more convenient than writing at the diary. The technology could help us to access and revise using the blog. Am I right?

Okay, that’s all for today. If you have any idea or opinion, let’s share at the comment box below.


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