Where Should I Invest My Money?

Where to invest? This is common problem for us when said about investment. In this article I’ll share some place that you can invest safely.

Investing can actually be fun providing you set your sights low and can stand the loss should you be unfortunate to lose, of course. We are talking here, here however, of where you should invest your hard earned money in exchange for a good return.

You need to know what it is you actually want to achieve and only you know that. Research as much as you can on the different types of investment and their associated risks before even considering parting with any money.
You should assess the risk of any investment; they generally fall into one of the following three categories:

• Low Risk
• Moderate Risk
• High Risk

Invest in or play the stock market, you may strike lucky but there is a lot of luck involved in this area of investment. Search the Internet, there is so much information for you to absorb, there are many sites that will allow you set up trial accounts playing with pretend money but with real live stocks and shares. You can then evaluate whether this is the area you wish to invest or not.

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Investing in other areas, however, you will not have the benefit of a trial first, for example, real estate or the housing market. Property flipping was popular not so long ago before the global recession took hold. Property flipping means, in simple terms , buying a property at a lower than market value price, spending as little as possible on it to bring it up to date then sell it at a profit then do this over and over. Its very high risk, however. You need to research the property market. If you have the funds and can afford to sit on your investment until market recovery there are some bargains to be had. Another area where real estate can yield good returns is buy to let, some mortgage lenders will provide special buy to let mortgages to investors that wish get involved in projects of this kind. This again, however, is good when the property market is buoyant.


Other than that you can rent your property. It is a long term investment as you won’t get profit in short time but if possible you can buy the property without using your money. How to do it? You need to learn from property Guru as they have trick to own and rent their house. To promote it you can use online website such as Brickz.my or Mudah.my. There’s many places you can promote your house either to sell or rent it.

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Ideally you should speak to a financial adviser or planner. They will be able to determine your best path along the investment route. You will need to communicate to your financial adviser what you hope to achieve from investing.

You must be aware of the potential risks of financial investing, never go in to a deal thinking that the rewards are guaranteed. The risks can be high but, if you are clever and with a lot of luck, the returns on your investments can be high to.

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