Where you wasted money daily?

Do you know where your money wasting daily? We always throw money whether we know or not. Let’s see some of daily money we waste everyday:-


1. Wasting money too much on meals. Maybe some of us don’t calculate our daily expenses on meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner is a schedule for our eating time. It is a must to make our health in good condition but you need to know how much you spend. Writing on your diary or personal ledger and you will see the expenses. You can save cost if you properly spending meals expenses if you write and plan it.
Avoid expensive restaurant/café if you need to eat outside. If possible, eating at home or bring food from home.
2. Wasting money too much on entertainment purpose. Maybe it is ok if you go to karaoke lounge once per month but if you go once per day, it is crazy. More money will be wasted just for singing. Change it and sing at your home. It is still same like the karaoke place.

You want to watch movies? Why go to cinema? In this technology era you can sit down on your house while watching latest movies online.


3. Wasting money too much on wearing such as clothes, shoe, pants, etc. Many people buy expensive clothes. Some of them buying many clothes when sales but only wearing it once in their life.
4. Wasting money by not put it properly. Some of them are parking money elsewhere to forget. Money would be lost either stolen or flying everywhere. This habit should be changed to avoid unnecessary loss of money.
5. Wasting money in places they should not. For example; buy porn, adult toys, cigarette, alcohol etc. Maybe some of you disagree with me but I don’t think it is important in our life.
6. Wasting money invest in scheme that you don’t know. There’s many people just being greedy after get some huge money in the rich scheme. After some time, they don’t get any money.

All of the point not really wasted if you buy in price worth in.
So, don’t waste the money but do this :-

1. Saving your money in bank account. Don’t save money at bank that you regularly used. Try saving at least $1 per day and put it at the account. You also can use tube money. Maybe classical.


2. Invest your money at public mutual, fixed deposit, etc. You can double the money in long term.
3. Invest in education. You can buy book, go to seminar. Education is power and could help you to get more money.
4. Donate your money to charity. Don’t afraid to lose money. Maybe you will decreased some money today but you’ll probably could get more money in the future.

Okay, that’s all for today. If you have any idea, let’s share with me.

Do you have a bad habit? Bad habit that involved in money could make you
Wasting money will make you dumb but we always do it without realizing it. Do

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