Why Broadband fee review is a good news

Just read news about Broadband fee review only in second quarters. It is great news for broadband consumer as it will help to save our cost. The news said that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will conduct a review of broadband fees charged by telecommunications companies.
MCMC chairman Halim Shafie said MCMC would be working with the industry to develop affordable broadband packages for the benefit of the people in the long run.
The fee need to review especially after optical fibre wholesale prices have gone down according to Communications and Multimedia Minister statement.

For quick compasion on charges to consumers, broadband charges offered down south by SingTel is S$50 (RM131.85) for a 1Gbps connection as a promotional price instead of the usual S$99.90 monthly.
Here, the fastest available is by Time dotCom Bhd at 100Mbps at RM179 monthly.

It is important news especially we need to use broadband regularly. Hopefully the price will decreased and the services will improve too. It is also important for country economy as investor need an affordable broadband fee. It will ensure the people especially the lower income group would not be left behind in the digital era. With affordable broadband prices, it would create more demand for content to boost the local content industry

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