Why financial student failed in real life finance



Maybe the article is a bit controversy and I’ll get slam from financial graduate if they reached this article. Firstly, It is based on my experience have financial student friends such as accountant, assistant accountant and even financial planner. Maybe it is just coincidence that they are learning financial while studies at their university and have financial problem but from my point of view there’s many thing why they failed in real life finance.

Okay, I’m not financial student so I don’t know what their lecturer taught them at the university but I’ll assume that they don’t have enough education about personal finance. What they learn is how to manage company account, learn balance sheet company. Unfortunately they don’t get adequate education about how to manage their own finance even though the concept is similar like manage company finance. If you read ‘Poor Dad Rich Dad ‘ book  you will learn that our education system focus on how to get a good job in the future but not on how to get better income in retirement age.

Or maybe they though they have enough knowledge about finance. I’ve look at my friends’. He is an assistant accountant. He really great in accounting system, know about company revenue and many more term that I didn’t understand. What make me surprised is he make 2 personal loans and one of the loan is overlap. OOo my.. I can’t understand why he need to make that overlap loan. He is married but his wife also work and he don’t have child yet. His wedding ceremony expenses without any loans but now after 3 years marriage he has 2 personal loan in his account.  I’ve give him some opinion about don’t make loans but he not follow my advice. Maybe because I’m single so he don’t think my advice suit with him. Is it true? It is unfair if I said YES, only you can give the answer.

Other reason why they failed in their real life finance because they don’t practice what they learn. They learn just to become an accountant. The knowledge they have just stuck to use for his/her job. That’s not a good for their life. Finance  knowledge need to be practice everyday to get better life. Some of them get a good salary so they just spending it carelessly. They not saving or invest and when they come to retirement age, they just depend on pension, employee fund or his/her son. That’s not enough in the future because the budget will be increase. I choose financial student because they are related to the finance itself. It will be different if I choose other non finance related student.

Okay, that’s all for today. It is enough for this article. I’m afraid if more point I’ll write more controversy this blog will be. I’m sorry if any other student finance read this and angry with my statement.Maybe you can argue my points by comment at the box below.




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