Why I don’t need iphone 5

I know many people have been waiting for latest iPhone5. Many fans can’t wait and eager to have the new model from Apple company. There’s many new technology in the latest upgrading from the previous model.
Do I need iphone 5? Not really because :-
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1. To buy it, you need to wait at long queue if you want to become the early user. Hey, waiting at the shopping complex just to buy the phone is not worthy. It is just waste my time and money too. The time could be use to update yourfinancialblog.com or reading any financial news.
2. I’m not a nerd or gadget chaser. I just bought a Sony Xperia X10 last year and it is still good condition. Why I want to change the smartphone in just a year? Waste, waste ,waste. That’s all I can write.
3. The function of the phone is limited. Maybe it has many application or function but I don’t think user will use iPhone to do work such as blogging or make document. Maybe they can write blog at the iPhone but the feeling to write in such a small gadget is not really work.
4. I’m not a gamer. Some of people buy iPhone to play games include. Hey, why play unhealthy games. Try some simple exercise and you will get a healthy body rather than push a keypad on the phone.
5. The cost is not worthy. I’m think the price is expensive. I’ll rather buy a laptop than buy new iPhone5 with the price.

That’s all my reason that I don’t need iPhone 5. Maybe some of you disagree with me. Just show your disagreement at the comment below.

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