Why lease is better than purchasing

Have you lease something in your life? Lease is an option for us rather than purchase a properties. It is good option because requires less equity and maintenance to pay. In today era, many company use lease rather than purchasing to decrease their maintenance cost especially for many equipment. The hi-tech equipment like computer, fax, photostat machine is likely better for leasing because the machine need to maintain regularly. If you are not an expert at that machine, purchase will make problem. You will need adding cost if they have problem while leasing you don’t need to worry. The company will solve without any added cost.
Most likely people like to lease houses, mobile homes, and apartments to save money from get a home loan. Leasing is different from renting. You don’t need to make a down payment.You only required to pay monthly fees and security deposit. When you lease something there are an agreement. It is :-

1. A fixed term agreement
2. A period agreement.

This is some benefit of leasing

1. Keeps your equipment up to date. Hi-tech equipment eventually become obsolete.
2. You can predict your monthly expenses. You just need to know about monthly fee only without worry about breakdown expenses.
3. You can keep up with your competitor . Leasing enable you to acquire sophisticated technology.

How about that? Do you still want to purchase instead of leasing? Think it now.

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