Why paying bill online

There was a time when people when hesitant paying bill online. Most of them distrusted the security of Internet transactions and viewed online bill payment as a loss of control over their money. In technology era paying bill is easy using online. Online bill payment system is a method to pay your bill using the portal from provider. You can pay the bill using credit card or online banking. Paying bill online gives benefits to user especially in financial. In this entry, I’ll give advantage using online bill payment than conventional paying.


Why paying bill online

1. The transaction is faster than conventional method. You just take about 1-2 minute to complete the payment. It will take times if you use conventional method. Go to paying counter will take time and you need to queue. Such a wasting time in the situation.
2.  Cost saving. You don’t need to drive to the paying counter. It will save your money. Maybe payment processor will charge you but it is small than the money you use especially if the counter is far from your location.
Using online, the transaction can be done at home or office.

3.  More convenient. You can pay bill while drinking a coffee. You also can paying bill in the night while conventional have an office hours.
4.  No more paper. You can save your receipt in your desktop . The fewer paper statements, checks and personal information is better. These days, any bill that can be mailed can just as easily be sent electronically. Less mail and fewer envelopes to open means less hassle for you.
5. Easy to consolidate. Online bil payment lets you declutter your finance in one fell swoop. You might feel like it’s easier to receive the paper bil in the mail, write a check and send it on its way again but nothing could be simpler than online bill payment. There are quite a few services like PayTrust, Quicken BillPay , etc that allow you to consolidate bill paying. All your bills are collected, e-mailed to you and posted to your account and they’re automatically paid out of the accounts you select on the dates you designate. You can see bill calendars and receive alerts when bills are due.


Okay, that’s all the advantage paying bill online.

So let’s change your financial by using online bill payment now.

Reference : HowStuffWorks – 5 Reasons to Use Online Bill Payment

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