Why slower internet could effect our finance

I just read an article about the speed slow of internet at my country (Malaysia ). From the survey, it shows that Malaysia was ranked a low 126 out of 192 countries. Sadly, it is almost three times slower than Vietnam.
Okay, that’s a global fact about the average broadband speed so where’s the relation to our personal finance? If you live in cave and not using internet for transaction maybe it is okay to skip this article. Otherwise, maybe you will agree that slower speed of internet could effect our finance. How? Let’s see some of example :-


1)  Do you use internet banking to pay your bill? Do you facing a problem when your transaction when you want to enter the yes finish, the internet is down. It is related to slower speed. Sometimes, the bank website have their limit time. If the internet slower than it will stop the transaction. You will frustrated and at last drive your car to the post office or the counter to pay the bill. It will effect your money for gas, time that being wasting. Am I right?


2) Do you waiting for 10 minutes to watch some of your favorite movie on youtube? You look the website and it still buffering. You think the connection is down and you reload again. Do you know it is cost especially for your quota? For example, your quota is 4GB and the video you want to watch is about 100MB. When it running and stuck it has complete 50MB and you reload again. It could adding 100MB. It means you have use 150MB instead of just 100MB. Isn’t it waste as you will pay the amount that you can’t use..

3) Now, internet has also become one criteria to invest in some country. If you have a great foreign potential investor but can’t contact it properly via internet, it will make you lose them. It is not good if the internet speed is lower as nowadays transaction heavily using the cyber.

4) If your internet is slow, then it is difficult for you to read yourfinancialblog.com and you will miss it.. Just joking.

5) You pay for the broadband fee but the speed is slower. Won’t you angry and frustrated? Some of us will get stress and could effect our health. If our body beginning to get worst, then it is time to throw away money to hospital. Am I right?

Okay, that’s some of the effect of slower internet to our finance. Share any idea if you think suitable. I like any opinion as it could make our mind works.

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  1. Yes I agree that internet in Malaysia is slow than other country. I’m currently using 4Mbps internet speed and I’m happy. Even though Malaysia have slow internet, 4MBps speed is more than enough for me. Malaysia already have 5MBps, 10MBps and 20MBps intenet speed. For me this is subjective. If we can have better speed, so it is good. Malaysia rank lower than Vietnam but internet in Malaysia already have a better coverage instead of Vietnam right

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