Why we can’t become a millionaire ?

First of all, I’m not a millionaire. My income is below than $40,000 yearly but my instinct feel that I can become a millionaire before I leave this world. To achieve my resolution, I’ve learned many thing and I found the reasons ‘ why we can’t become a millionaire’ :-

  1. We afraid to take risk. We have money but instead to invest , we just saving the money at the bank. Maybe put money to the bank institution is safe but the profit is low. Some of the bank yearly dividend not really worthy.
  2. We are lazy to learn. Most of us just invest in the scheme that we’re not familiar or depend with the agent. This is the most common cause of bankruptcy of common people. If you not learn about the investment, you  could waste your money by scam people. We also can learn secret from millionaire and implement some of the secret in our life.
  3. Our perception on being rich is too negative. We’ve been heard bad statement that ‘being rich is an evil’,’rich people are greedy’. It looks like being wealthy is a sin in our world. The perception need to be change. Not all rich people are greedy. Most billionaire have giving their wealth to others and help to build society. If the target to become millionaire, we also need to know where to give. Don’t just think being rich to buy sports car only. Being rich is to support society too.
  4. Become  a money slave. Most of us work for money and not money work for you. This need to correct. We must know how we can use to double our income and not just chasing money. For example. Work part time as pam attendance can’t solve your money problem. You will tired and the money you earn will be waste if you don’t know how to increase it. To double the money, there’s many way to do it. One way is to get an asset. How to do it? I’m still learning it and share it in the future.
  5. We’re being too pessimism. Do you have word ‘ I can’t become millionaire ‘, ‘I’m too old to become rich’, ‘It is hard to be rich people like them’? Honestly, I’m also think the same before. That’s can’t change anything. We will become a common people and just wait for our salary. I want to change from pessimism to optimistic individual. It ain’t easy but we must change our thinking first. Get a motivation and believe we can do it.
  6. Being stuck as a salaryman. Don’t get wrong, I’m not said a salaryman can’t become a millionaire. There’s many salaryman become millionaire but most of them are in big position such as CEO , manager at big company. To achieve it, try to create a business and become entrepreneur which is more possibility for us to become a chairman.

Okay, that’s some of the reason why some of us can’t become millionaire. If you have any additional idea, let’s share it. Maybe I’ll put it in the entry.


I'm not rich so I like to read about how to become rich. And this
Millennials make up a small portion of the global ultra wealthy population: 3.2 percent. But

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